We Ain’t Scared, We’re Just…Scared of Being Too Slow to Keep Up With Our Guammies

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When we disaster up upon a amicable web app, as we positively will, we have to come utterly purify or your users will smell your fright as well as hatred we for it. Social sites have been not standard software…they lessen as well as upsurge depending upon a village as well as how it evolves over time. You, as a physical education instructor of a community, contingency action accordingly.

From: “Common Pitfalls of Building Social Web Applications as well as How to Avoid Them « Bokardo – Social Design by Joshua Porter.”

What we set up depends not upon a language, not upon a coding, not upon a magnificence or scalability of a backend (although damn @shazow, that’s easily finished ;)

It’s about a people we know as well as adore who have use of #getupandmove. Or don’t.

I’ve been slacking upon village government – listening to we – perplexing to have ‘big deals’ for Contagion.

But there is no Contagion, there is no getupandmove.me, but you.

Glad someone reminded me.

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