Farewell Notes to a Great Poet and Friend

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blessing a boats  
by Lucille Clifton

(at St. Mary’s)

may a waves  which is entering even right away  a mouth of a bargain  lift we out  over a face of fright  might we lick  a zephyr afterwards spin from it  sure which it will  adore your behind    might we  open your eyes to H2O  H2O fluttering perpetually  as good as might we in your ignorance  cruise by this to that

From: “blessing a boats – Poets.org – Poetry, Poems, Bios & More.”

At St. Mary’s College of Maryland, my youth as good as comparison years were used up with a plan which carefully thought about a cathartic experiential benefits of communication readings for writer as good as audience.

I had a night category with producer Lucille Clifton. There were usually 7 of us, as good as any week a poems were ripped to patches by a singular an additional as good as infrequently , seldom, reconstructed in to something beautiful, terrible, or, some-more often, mediocre.

Lucille taught me to adore a feeling of a zephyr during my behind during times of change, even when it felt some-more similar to a tsunami than a proposal dusk breeze.

Because of Lucille we didn’t take my essay as good easily – nor as good severely – though usually severely enough. (Poets have an hapless bent to counterbalance their open personas with some-more weight as good as sobriety than their ethos earns).

Because of Lucille we stopped essay usually for me, as good as proposed essay for others.

Because of Lucille we came to California – right away home – for a initial time in a summer of 2003, to a Squaw Valley Community of Writers’ “Writing a Medical Experience” workshop.

I wandered around Truckee in a daze. I’d finished zero though have a automobile accident. What right did we have to be there, a quiescent college kid, surrounded by shining personalities as good as wordplay during each turn?

If usually we had good known afterwards a heated redirection which would start as a outcome of which 2 weeks vital as good as operative amongst poets together with Louise Gluck as good as Rafael Campo, as good as healing students as good as doctors from all over a country, we might not have *wasted* so most time perplexing to discuss it myself a singular couldn’t presumably have a vital from formulating as good as communicating a worth of a singular individual’s guidance about what it equates to to be sick, as good as what it equates to to live well.

Because of Lucille we stopped stealing from myself as good as began to write with gut-wrenching honesty. The approach she taught me to write, about my hold up as good as desires, sensitive a approach which we verbalise right away – to audiences, to friends, to family, to desired ones.

Lucille, we have sailed by this to that.

I goal a H2O was smooth, my crony – nearby a finish – for your journey. Thank you.

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