Farewell Notes to a Great Poet and Friend

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blessing a boats  
by Lucille Clifton

(at St. Mary’s)

may a waves  which is entering even right away  a mouth of a bargain  lift we out  over a face of fright  might we lick  a zephyr afterwards spin from it  sure which it will  adore your behind    might we  open your eyes to H2O  H2O fluttering perpetually  as good as might we in your ignorance  cruise by this to that

From: “blessing a boats – Poets.org – Poetry, Poems, Bios & More.”

At St. Mary’s College of Maryland, my youth as good as comparison years were used up with a plan which carefully thought about a cathartic experiential benefits of communication readings for writer as good as audience.

I had a night category with producer Lucille Clifton. There were usually 7 of us, as good as any week a poems were ripped to patches by a singular an additional as good as infrequently , seldom, reconstructed in to something beautiful, terrible, or, some-more often, mediocre.

Lucille taught me to adore a feeling of a zephyr during my behind during times of change, even when it felt some-more similar to a tsunami than a proposal dusk breeze.

Because of Lucille we didn’t take my essay as good easily – nor as good severely – though usually severely enough. (Poets have an hapless bent to counterbalance their open personas with some-more weight as good as sobriety than their ethos earns).

Because of Lucille we stopped essay usually for me, as good as proposed essay for others.

Because of Lucille we came to California – right away home – for a initial time in a summer of 2003, to a Squaw Valley Community of Writers’ “Writing a Medical Experience” workshop.

I wandered around Truckee in a daze. I’d finished zero though have a automobile accident. What right did we have to be there, a quiescent college kid, surrounded by shining personalities as good as wordplay during each turn?

If usually we had good known afterwards a heated redirection which would start as a outcome of which 2 weeks vital as good as operative amongst poets together with Louise Gluck as good as Rafael Campo, as good as healing students as good as doctors from all over a country, we might not have *wasted* so most time perplexing to discuss it myself a singular couldn’t presumably have a vital from formulating as good as communicating a worth of a singular individual’s guidance about what it equates to to be sick, as good as what it equates to to live well.

Because of Lucille we stopped stealing from myself as good as began to write with gut-wrenching honesty. The approach she taught me to write, about my hold up as good as desires, sensitive a approach which we verbalise right away – to audiences, to friends, to family, to desired ones.

Lucille, we have sailed by this to that.

I goal a H2O was smooth, my crony – nearby a finish – for your journey. Thank you.

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#getupandmove Challenges in the Real World

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At a gym interjection to @litomikey as well as all my guammie pals. Next plea for a Contagion group = how to enlarge time/place specific genuine universe hurdles with practical amicable support?

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Engineering FTW: This Would Require a LOT of #getupandmoves…

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From: “Wakooz Media Blog – Videos, Pictures, Jokes » Blog Archive » Things to Do with the Cadbury Cream Egg.”

…but be value each friggin’ microminute of practice indispensable to work off the Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Every Easter deteriorate my sister Kate as well as we try to conflict the summons strain of the eggs. Oh the chocolate. Oh the tawny yolk….I’ve had the single so distant as well as am averting my gawk during checkout lines.

However, right away we might have to buy the container to do, ah, the little engineering for the mousetrap plea (or something).

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Corn Oil and Cancer: Reality Strikes Again

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The benefits of corn oil keep rolling in. In a brand new investigate by Stephen Freedland’s organisation during Duke, stuff oneself mice a diet abounding in butter as well as lard didn’t foster a expansion of transplanted tellurian prostate cancer cells any some-more than a low-fat diet (1).

Why do you care? Because alternative studies, together with a single from a same investigators, uncover that corn oil as well as alternative industrial seed oils strongly foster prostate cancer dungeon expansion as well as enlarge mankind in identical models (2, 3).

From a contention section:

Current formula total with a before formula indicate that obscure a fat calm of a essentially jam-packed fat diet offers small presence good in an total or castrated LAPC-4 xenograft model. In contrariety to a commentary when omega-6 fats have been used, these formula lift a probability that fat sort might be as critical as fat volume or may be even some-more important.

The authors appear rather astounded as well as distressed by a result. Kudos for edition it. However, there’s zero to be astounded about. There’s a vast physique of justification implicating additional omega-6 fat in a series of cancer models. Reducing omega-6 to next 4% of calories has a thespian outcome upon cancer occurrence as well as progression*. In fact, there have even been multiform experiments display that butter as well as alternative animal fats foster cancer expansion to a obtuse grade than margarine as well as omega-6-rich seed oils. you discussed that here.

I do have a single dispute with a study. They impute to a diet as “saturated fat based”. That’s false terminology. you see it all a time in a diet-health literature. If it were coconut oil, afterwards may be you could forgive it, since coconut fat is 93% saturated. But this diet was done of lard as well as butter, a multiple of that is substantially about half saturated. The tenure “animal fat” or “low-omega-6 fat” would have been some-more accurate. At slightest they listed a diet composition. Many studies do not even bother, withdrawal it to a reader to confirm what they meant by “saturated fat”.

* The normal American cooking 7-8% omega-6 by calories. This equates to it will be formidable to see a attribute in between omega-6 money coming in as well as cancer (or heart disease, or many things) in observational studies in a US or alternative industrial nations, since you probably all eat some-more than 4% of calories as omega-6. Until a 20th century, omega-6 money coming in was next 4%, as well as customarily closer to 2%, in many normal societies. That’s where it stays in � la mode normal societies unblushing by industrial food habits, such as Kitava. Our stream omega-6 money coming in is outward a evolutionary norm.

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Readers Inspire Me

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2/3/10 New Report upon Lupron as well as identical drug for prostate cancer

Experts Issue Warning upon Prostate Hormone Therapy

(Natural Health News 1/31/10)I am regularly extraordinary since people finish up upon this blog as well as take seductiveness in what is being looked up in poke engines.

Today you beheld a little queries upon Lupron, a drug mostly used in a diagnosis of prostate cancer.  It can additionally be used for alternative illness problems though for a hold up of me you can’t accept it being used for fibroids.

Fibroids simulate an good imbalance in womanlike hormones, generally indicating to extreme estrogen. Since Lupron is a fake hormone modulator as well as thus a probable potentiator of estrogen, I’m scratching my head.  you be concerned as well about it since it seems to be continuous with osteoporosis. Other concerns with Lupron do embody tooth erosion. 

Isn’t this a really tall cost to pay?  It additionally indicates a origination of alternative illness problems for which PhRMA has a drug watchful in a wings, as well as a lewd enterprise for a income it will generate.

OTHER USES, off label: Leuprolide is additionally used to stop early adolesence (precocious puberty) in children. It helps to check passionate expansion (e.g., expansion of a breasts/testicles) as well as a begin of menstrual periods. It additionally helps delayed down a rate of early bone expansion so which a chances for reaching normal adult tallness have been increased. Leuprolide functions by dwindling a volume of sex hormones which a child’s physique creates (estrogen in girls, testosterone in boys).

Other leuprolide products might additionally be used to provide disorders of a uterus (e.g., endometriosis, fibroids). In females, leuprolide reduces a volume of estrogen which a physique makes.

If you have some-more questions about this drug impute to your prescriber, your pharmacist or around the ASK plan.

…round as well as turn you go in The Circle Game

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If you have a difficult ime understanding dangerous fluoride, here’s help

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” In a face of strenuous interpretation proof which fluoride is not usually not profitable though intensely harmful; a arguable justification which a supervision has well known of this for over sixty years…”


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The Same Can Be Said of Cofounders…

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At a quantum level, a forces of draw as well as superconductivity exist in an nervous relationship. Superconducting materials repel a captivating field, so to emanate a superconducting current, a captivating forces contingency be clever sufficient to strike a healthy abhorrence as well as dig a physique of a superconductor. But there’s a limit: Apply as well most captivating force, as well as a superconductor’s capacity is destroyed.

From: “Brown physicist discovers odd, vacillating captivating waves.”

Beware as well most practical magnetism, in love, in life, in startups. :)

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Heart Attack Risk Reduction: The Low-Hanging Fruit

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Dr. Yongsoon Park as great as colleagues not long ago published a great article in a British Journal of Nutrition patrician “Erythrocyte greasy poison profiles can envision strident non-fatal myocardial infarction”. Stated simply, a pretension says that a fat in your red red red red red red red red red red red red blood dungeon membranes, that reflects dietary fat composition, can envision your odds of carrying a heart attack*. More fairly than customary measures of heart conflict risk such as red red red red red red red red red red red blood cholesterol.

Let’s cut to a data. The investigators carefully thought about a fat combination of red red red red red red red red red red red red blood cells in people who had suffered a heart attack, contra an next to series who had not. Participants who had heart attacks had reduction omega-3, some-more long-chain omega-6, as great as quite aloft trans fat in their red red red red red red red red red red red red blood cells. In fact, 96% of a heart conflict patients had towering trans fat levels, compared to 34% of those though heart attacks. This is unchanging with a series of alternative studies display a clever organisation in between red red red red red red red red red red red blood levels of trans fat as great as heart conflict risk (ref).

92% of heart conflict patients were in a lowest difficulty of EPA in their red red red red red red red red red red red red blood cells, as against to 32% of those though heart attacks. EPA is an omega-3 fat that comes from fish, as great as is additionally done by a physique if there’s sufficient omega-3 alpha-linolenic poison (think flax as great as greens) around as great as not as great many linoleic poison (industrial unfeeling oil) to stop a production. 96% of heart conflict patients were in a lowest difficulty for alpha-linolenic acid, compared to 34% of a some-more aged group. 0% of a heart conflict patients were in a top difficulty for alpha-linolenic acid.

62% of heart conflict patients were in a top difficulty of arachidonic poison (AA), compared to 34% of a some-more aged group. AA is done from linoleic acid, as great as is additionally found in animal dishes such as eggs as great as liver. Animal dishes from pasture-raised animals have been revoke in AA than their conventionally-raised counterparts, as great as additionally enclose some-more omega-3 fats to change it.

The investigators found that low omega-3, tall AA as great as tall trans fats in red red red red red red red red red red red red blood cells join forces with with heart conflict risk far better than a Framingham risk score, a normal as great as widely-used magnitude that incorporates age, sex, smoking status, sum cholesterol, HDL, hypertension as great as diabetes.

If a associations in this investigate paint cause-and-effect, that we hold they do formed upon their coherence with alternative observational studies as great as tranquil trials, they indicate that we can have a really absolute outcome upon heart conflict risk by receiving a couple of elementary steps:

  1. Avoid trans fat. It’s found in margarine, shortening, polished soy as great as canola oils, many low boiled dishes as great as processed dishes in general.
  2. Avoid industrial unfeeling oils as great as alternative sources of additional omega-6. Eating pastured or omega-3 eggs, rsther than than required eggs, can assistance revoke dietary AA as well.
  3. Ensure a unchanging money coming in of omega-3 fats from seafood, or tiny doses of high-vitamin cod liver oil or fish oil. Flax oil is additionally helpful, though it’s an defective surrogate for fish oil.

This investigate was conducted in Korea. It’s a distinguished acknowledgment that simple nutritive beliefs camber races as great as cultures, expected inspiring mildew risk in all humans.

In a future, we goal that many doctors will magnitude red red red red red red red red red red red blood greasy acids to envision heart conflict risk, with some-more success than stream approaches. Instead of measuring cholesterol as great as prescribing a statin drug, doctors will allot fish oil as great as easy-to-follow diet advice**. Fortunately, a little doctors have been commencement to magnitude red red red red red red red red red red red red blood dungeon greasy poison levels in their patients. The forward-thinking cardiologist Dr. William Davis has discussed this upon his blog here. Take a great demeanour during a graphs he posted if we get a chance.

*The pretension of a investigate is dubious since it implies a impending design, in that red red red red red red red red red red red blood greasy acids would be totalled as great as volunteers followed to see who develops heart mildew during a after time point. This investigate was cross-sectional (also called case-control), definition they found people who had only had a heart conflict as great as totalled their red red red red red red red red red red red blood greasy acids retrospectively. The alternative investigate we referenced upon top of was prospective, that is a good acknowledgment of a principle.

**”Eat butter upon your toast. Ditch a margarine.”

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We Ain’t Scared, We’re Just…Scared of Being Too Slow to Keep Up With Our Guammies

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When we disaster up upon a amicable web app, as we positively will, we have to come utterly purify or your users will smell your fright as well as hatred we for it. Social sites have been not standard software…they lessen as well as upsurge depending upon a village as well as how it evolves over time. You, as a physical education instructor of a community, contingency action accordingly.

From: “Common Pitfalls of Building Social Web Applications as well as How to Avoid Them « Bokardo – Social Design by Joshua Porter.”

What we set up depends not upon a language, not upon a coding, not upon a magnificence or scalability of a backend (although damn @shazow, that’s easily finished ;)

It’s about a people we know as well as adore who have use of #getupandmove. Or don’t.

I’ve been slacking upon village government – listening to we – perplexing to have ‘big deals’ for Contagion.

But there is no Contagion, there is no getupandmove.me, but you.

Glad someone reminded me.

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YC Alum Dropbox Sponsors Lunar X Prize Team “Part-Time Scientists” = Awesome!!

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Today, Google Lunar X PRIZE competitor, Part-Time-Scientists, voiced Dropbox Inc. as an central unite of their team. The clouded cover formed storage provider connects common folders opposite platforms as well as continents. Available upon Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android as well as web Dropbox syncs files upon all platforms. The clouded cover takes caring of sharing, syncing as well as backups. Team Part-Time-Scientists, headquartered in Berlin, Germany with 38 group members is between twenty-one teams from eighteen countries which have been competing for their share of the $30 million esteem purse.

“As the SAN (Storage Area Network) consultant myself we am really vehement which Dropbox motionless to unite us. Collaboration upon such the scale needs the arguable as well as easy approach to let people work upon files simultaneously. Our engineers have been sparse opposite the hemispheres. When the U.S. part of updates the record it is now accessible to each part of in the world, whilst dozens of generations from which record have been accessible for liberation in the background. we can’t consider of the improved approach for collaborative work over the internet than Dropbox,” pronounced Team Leader, Robert Boehme.

Dropbox Inc. joins the ever flourishing list of sponsors of the group Part-Time-Scientists. Among them is an additional semiconductor attention giant, Texas Instruments. For the finish list of the teams sponsors revisit http://www.part-time-scientists.com/Partners_EN.

For some-more report about group Part-Time-Scientists, greatfully revisit www.part-time-scientists.com. High fortitude photographs, video as well as alternative group materials have been accessible upon request.

Dropbox was founded by Drew Houston as well as Arash Ferdowsi in 2007, as well as perceived seed appropriation from Y Combinator. Today, Dropbox is well-funded by Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, as well as Amidzad. Since rising publicly in Sep of 2008, Dropbox captivated over 4 million users as well as have been flourishing rapidly. It has been featured in the New York Times as well as upon TechCrunch, as well as won awards from places similar to PC Magazine as well as CNET. Their passion is creation the product which rocks as well as putting it in millions of people’s hands. http://www.getdropbox.com

From: “Dropbox Incorporated Official Sponsor of Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Part-Time Scientists.” (Email alert)

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