Diane Sawyer, ABC News and FDA very late in reporting on bone drug problems

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Dating behind to 2006 as well as progressing we will find most articles here upon a risks upon bone illness issues when regulating a Big PhRMA osteoporosis drugs.

It is really vicious which we assimilate which a bisphosphonate drug have been compared with murdering off specific cells which have to do with a finish cycle of bone building a whole as well as drop in a body’s full of health physiology.

Another vicious emanate is a fluoride bottom in a infancy of these drugs, well known to means a origination of crisp skeleton or what is called “swiss cheese” or diseased skeleton which cannot mount up to stress. Many alternative drug classifications, such as antibiotics as well as antidepressants, which enclose fluoride compounds will additionally foster disastrous bone illness issues.

You can fix up a before articles upon this subject regulating a poke box during a tip of a right column.

Please feel giveaway to hit us for your conference about what we can do of course to have strong, full of health bones. It isn’t by regulating Fosamax or any of a alternative osteoporosis Rx drugs.

This essay identifies most of a problems caused by fluoride.

Should we have authorised concerns, maybe a authorised colleagues during Chaffin Luhana LLP might be means to support we if we have suffered detonate from regulating these drugs.

Bone Drugs Risky

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I am saddened by Oprah’s graduation of x-ray bearing upon food. we only goal she creates an bid to stop revelation people which microwaving food is only excellent as well as dandy.

And greatfully do not make use of a x-ray to get a final spoonful of almond butter from a bottom of a jar! The fat in almond butter is privately shop-worn by microwaves.

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Doctor offices do not honor privacy

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Yesterday we was carrying a review with a lady during my internal plumbing company. She was angry about a miss of remoteness during a area alloy groups as well as how there is no bid to strengthen studious interpretation as well as monetary report in front of alternative staff as well as patients.

To have any open credit doctors have to respect their healing promise as well as be pretty in balance with healing truth. This is awfully tough to do if your illness caring provider has paid for a Big PhRMA/Big Insurance paradigm.

I explained to her which HIPPA is set up to pick up as well as share your report as well as which a disaster to yield in isolation areas to plead your report is a authorised requirement.

Where a single gets their report is revelation as well as for doctors crucial. Pharmaceutical flesh is clear not usually in healing schools though in healing organizations, internal healing play as well as in a bureaucratic institutions which manage disinfectant as well as open health. All of these healing organizations have been in a commercial operation of clever defending doctors, formulating aroused as well as rarely conditioned environments which go upon vast though essential practices for a industry. http://imva.info/index.php/vaccines/a-rebellion-in-healthcare.

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If you have a difficult ime understanding dangerous fluoride, here’s help

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” In a face of strenuous interpretation proof which fluoride is not usually not profitable though intensely harmful; a arguable justification which a supervision has well known of this for over sixty years…”


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Antidepressants, Plainly Depressing

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Since you proposed once again upon the fluoride emanate here is the initial follow up – there have been the couple of some-more entrance your way.

“The Depressing News About Antidepressants” is the subject often discussed upon Natural Health News, as well as the pretension of  a new Newsweek article.

Perusing NHN you’ll find about 30+ articles focusing upon basin as well as calmative drugs.  Most of the newer ones have been the fluoride formed SSRIs which had combined the universe of problems all their own.

If you transport behind in time about dual years ago you’ll find this contention http://naturalhealthnews.blogspot.com/2008/11/no-difference-in-psych-drugs-for.html

I theory you consternation because zero has come about to residence the critical issues with these drugs, generally in light of the ultimate re-coverage of fish oil, alternative vitamins, as well as nourishment for mental illness care.  Perhaps if you dump the drug you can discharge tall propagandize shootings in the destiny as well as improved mental illness care.

Here’s the single hold up of natural psychiatry, with no offense to my long-ago crony Bill Greenberg MD during Beth Israel/Harvard.

You competence be gratified to know which Dr Bloem only prevailed opposite the MD healing board who attempted to retaliate her for regulating alternative than the customary SSRI as well as identical mainstream standing quo therapy.

The Safe Harbor Project has as well been the prolonged time disciple for natural mental health.

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Supermarket fridges polluting with fluoride containing hydrocarbons

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Supermarket fridges as polluting as their cosmetic bags, investigate claims

The switch to refrigerants that do not repairs a ozone layer brought in a era of chemicals with a hothouse outcome thousands of times stronger than CO2

“The environmental stroke of supermarket refrigeration is a large emanate though small accepted … it is a ruin of a lot bigger than giveaway cosmetic bags.”

The EIA is endangered about a drawn out make make use of of of deleterious HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) gases as coolants. Supermarkets have been a greatest industrial emitters of HFCs, that were hurriedly introduced in a 1990s as a safer pick to ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) as well as hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).

HFCs do not repairs a ozone covering though their tellurian warming intensity is ­significant. One tonne of a at large used gas called R404a has a warming outcome next to to 3,900 tonnes of CO2 over a 100-year period. The turn of steam of a chemicals is homogeneous to 1bn automobile journeys to a normal internal super­market. The gases shun in normal make make use of of as well as maintenance.

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Bone Drugs Cancer Protective?

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UPDATE: 2/3/10  Fosamax as good as breast cancer  A Caution to women to not take headlines so severely

Original Post 12/10/09
It seems really bizarre to me which any lady would wish to take a potentially cancer formulating drug underneath a guise which it competence assistance forestall breast cancer.  Most of these drug additionally have been fluoride based; fluoride is a good known carcinogen as good as mortal to bone.

Here have been a few of a countless associated NHN articles:

Bone drug might assistance forestall breast cancer

New formula from a turning point women’s illness investigate lift a sparkling probability which bone-building drug such as Fosamax as good as Actonel might assistance forestall breast cancer.

Women who already were regulating these medicines when a investigate began were about one-third reduction expected to rise invasive breast cancer over a subsequent 7 years than women not receiving such pills, doctors reported Thursday.

The investigate is not sufficient to infer which these drugs, called bisphosphonates, forestall cancer. Read Complete Article

Become a some-more associating consumer as good as patient, subject authority.  Remember a drug as good as word giants have been determining healing caring in a US today.

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An Issue in the Health Care Debate

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Has any one had an refurbish upon this story?

Democrats vouch to anathema made at home assault as ‘pre-existing condition’


  • 42 states have taboo use of denying coverage to smashed women
  • Ban would be partial of tougher position upon pre-existing conditions 
  • Health word organisation backs due change 

updated 4:15 p.m. EDT, Tue Oct 6, 2009


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Health Tip: Taking Supplements with Rx

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The many ubiquitous proceed to receiving supplements when we have been additionally regulating medication medicines is to apart a time we take them by an hour.

If we take an Rx drug during 8 am, wait for until 9 am to take your supplements.

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Security Gaps in Electronic Patient Data

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 Obviously as the pull for electronic illness annals is upon the radar, alternative considerations aren’t being considered

In 2009, hospitals as well as word companies were tormented by high-profile waste of supportive studious data. In November, the insurer Health Net voiced which the unstable tough expostulate containing healing claims of as most as 1.5 million members in Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, as well as New York had been mislaid or stolen. In October, the laptop containing amicable confidence numbers as well as alternative personal report of patients during the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was stolen from the automobile parked during the sanatorium employee’s home. Complete article  

See alternative associated articles upon Natural Health News as well as attend to the talk with Dr Katherine Albrecht.

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